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World’s Top Psychic Detective Has Frightening Experience Searching For The Long Island Serial Killer

Troy Griffin has been labelled as the world’s top intuitive consultant & psychic detective because he specializes in psychic investigations of unsolved murders and missing person(s) cold cases.

Recently, while out in Long Island, New York, USA, Troy was helping in the unsolved case of the “Long Island Serial Killer” around the Jones Beach State park area in the region. To date, and to the best of the police’s knowledge, this killer(s) has claimed seventeen victims, all who were involved in the sex industry offering their services through Craigslist. So far, the seventeen bodies have all been found in several locations within a ten-mile stretch of the beach, but Troy personally believes that there are more bodies that have not been found yet, possibly further down the beach, and that is what brought him to the area originally to help in the search.

Woman in dinosaur costume charged after scaring carriage horses

We never cease to be amazed at the antics of some people, we have all had our moments of fun at a party, fancy dress event or perhaps fuelled up with just a little too much alcohol, but getting dressed up in a Tyrannosaurs Rex costume and growling at horses, is perhaps taking fun jut that bit too far! (more…)

£20,000 and three breasts to get a job on MTV

It seems that some people will go to complete extremes to work on television, but we think that Jasmine Tridevil has gone a lot further than most people would consider. The basis is that she wanted to make herself look less attractive to men in order to land a job on MTV, according to an interview she had with Real Radio 104.1